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November 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

As a Sagittarius born on the 22nd of November , you have a noble spirit. You are innovative and you tend to be strong-willed.

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If there is anything that you need to change in your life, it is this tendency. If you want to be more successful in anything that you do, you just need to work on this. Lovers born on November 22nd are generally very loving and supportive. You end up convincing nobody, but you still insist on going through that process because it makes you feel better about yourself. People born on this day are good in following directions they agree with.

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Once they commit, they will take it all the way through. They can produce solid results and are quite productive. However, they cannot be given jobs that require a tremendous amount of discretion or analysis. In such situations, they often make the wrong decisions. Good luck telling them that wrong.

You are in for a fight if you try to tell somebody born on November 22nd that they made the wrong call.

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You can be very loyal, you can be very driven, and you can be quite energetic. Freedom and independence are of utmost importance for these open people who are born on November If they do not deny it, every relationship with them is successful — just let them be free. They are temperamental, but their graciousness saves things from being completely out of control; they are ready to forgive as quickly as possible and re-establish a friendly relationship with their previous lovers.

Those who are born on November 22 are very interested in being partners and parents, sometimes even too much for the development of their children. Some people, born this day, issue radical beliefs on their children, they are dominant in this sense, while others are encouraging freedom and right to their own initiative.

Love Compatibility

Those who belong to the November 22 have an innate great power of will; they are magnetic can be a very good public speaker — if they decide to do so. These people are good in their souls who love all the beautiful things that life provides; they have an interest in literature, especially for history, but their life is probably too busy and practical to stand out in any of these areas. Anyway, the talent is here, and in any time when these people decide to use their abilities, they will be able to do so. These Sagittarius people are friendly to others, and love to hear beautiful things about themselves, this will boost their confidence that can sometimes be very low.

They will work hard and feel deep inside that they can be good at any position that is trusted to them.

November 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

As all Sagittarius people, those who are born on November 22 adore travel, and will probably travel a lot during a lifetime. When they think of something in their heads, they will do everything to achieve it. Simple, do not waste words in vain, they seem always to know what to say in given situations.

When they see something interesting they want to achieve, they will work day and night to reach the goal. They love various tasks and a dynamic atmosphere. Also, they enjoy earning and spending money, in that sense, they can take risks and are very optimistic in the outcome. They believe that the universe will provide them with everything they need.

Also in this combination, we can see numeral 22 — it is the highest and most powerful among the numbers. This number is endowed with many powers and can reach unprecedented heights. In the right kind of environment they can be a powerful force for good, coming up with creative and innovative solutions to improve the welfare of those around them. In the wrong kind of environment—and this tends to be one that is structured or unchallenging—their provocative approach can, however, create tension and unrest.

Until they reach the age of twenty-nine they will want to expand their horizons and seek out opportunities through new ventures, study or travel. After the age of thirty, however, there is a turning point when they are likely to become more practical and realistic; these are the years when they are most likely to realize their professional goals. Ironically, because they love challenge so much, they may find in the thirties and beyond that despite achieving great success they pine for the time when anything in life seemed possible.

The key to their success will be their ability to set themselves new goals and dream up new ideas to challenge and reinvent themselves. If they can do this, they will unlock the outstanding potential for personal fulfillment and happiness associated with this birthday. People born on November 22 Zodiac are exciting and romantic partners, and life with them is never boring. They are attracted to free-thinking, intelligent, emotional, and adventurous individuals like themselves, but they should guard against becoming too wild.

In a secure relationship they can be generous and compassionate, as long as they dictate the terms. People born on this day need to be careful that their wild nature does not make it impossible for them to enjoy the quieter side of life. They may also find it extremely hard to accept that they are getting older. Sex is extremely important to them and they could have addictive tendencies which counseling or therapy would address.

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